Top Knot farms was founded by two brothers that are Tucson locals. In 2011, we began experimenting with urban farming in our own backyards. In conjunction with growing vegetables, we began to grow poultry for both meat and eggs for our own tables in search of fresh chickens and game birds. We began to then provide for our friends and family and with great success and positive feedback we were encouraged to take our poultry to market. In 2013, Top Knot Farms was born. Working out of our backyards, we grew small batches of poultry to gain the support of local restaurants, which developed a reputation and standard that gave us the confidence to expand our operation.


A graduate of the School of Architecture at the UofA, Luke brings forward thinking and applies sustainable strategies to agriculture. Luke began farming and raising chickens in his own backyard in 2011 and quickly realized there was a demand for quality, sustainable agriculture in Arizona. In 2013 Luke began working with local restaurants and chefs to bring top quality poultry to market, and created Top Knot Farms.


Before launching top knot, Michael worked 13 years as a chef in restaurant and hotel kitchens.  After completing training at Scottsdale Culinary Institute, he worked in Phoenix for 4 years before moving to Philadelphia where he continued to train and learn at Le Bec Fin French restaurant.  Michael returned to Tucson in 2010 and soon after started working at the Dish Bistro.  A year later, he was promoted to executive chef and held the position until leaving in the spring of 2015 to start Top Knot Farms.


He is in charge of day to day operations such as caring for our flock as well as tending to the gardens and pastures.