Grimaud Pekin

Our duck breed of choice is the Grimaud hybrid. The Grimaud hybrid duck was developed by a family owned hatchery out of California that obtained two types of Pekin breeding stock from a French poultry breeding company. Although termed “hybrid” the Grimaud is 100% Pekin blood but the parent stock was selected for the size, feed conversion efficiency and fertility. Our birds dress out at 5-5.5 lbs at about 47 days each breast weighing around 14 oz or just over 25% of the bird. Our pasture raised ducks produce a deep red meat with a pronounced mineral flavor and a ¼” fat cap. The breast meat is tender, with a texture compared to a lamb chop. This is the first duck produced in Arizona on this scale with this kind of quality and we are extremely proud of this product and have many chefs stoked to work with our duck.

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