Cornish Rock Cross

Our primary breed of choice for chicken is the Cornish Rock cross broiler. This breed is widely used in commercial operations and is well recognized as a fast growing bird with meaty breast and plump legs. There are a lot of concerns over the growth rate in the commercial industry. We address those concerns with a far less aggressive feeding strategy combined with innovative feeding techniques such as feed fermentation and by supplementing the grain ration with beer grain from local breweries and pasture. Because we choose to have a slower, more natural growth rate, our hens take about 8-9 weeks to reach 4 pounds. We believe a 4 pound bird is idea for both the restaurants as well as a private buyer. Our birds yield two nice portions of 12oz breasts, thighs and legs. Since our birds are sold whole so that the neck, carcass and fat can be rendered for stock.

*Yield percentage data will be available soon.